Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dinner in the sky

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The  design  of  the  extravagant  restaurant  rises  to  50-meter  height  with  a  special  crane.  Guests,  restrained  four belts, are located in the chairs, in  form and comfort reminiscent of the seats in the sports cars. The attached table can dine at the same time, 22 people, which serve a 6-person staff. On request in addition to a delicious lunch and thrills, it is  possible  to  hear  and live  music.  For  this  group  of  musicians  raised  to  the  same  height  with  the  help  of  the  second valve.

All the equipment before each "flight" is investigated. In the middle of the table is situated platform, where the staff prepares food and drinks. By the way,  waiters do not  use safety belts.In each  new  city  is arranged promo-lunch, where  are  invited  journalists,  restaurant  critics  and  vip-guests. Their  reviews  after  such  anunusual  meal  are  very amusing.

Platform  with a restaurant  goes higher and  higher,  higher and higher, leaving the bottom of lights, roof tops of the trees, and, finally, hangs at a great height in the air. Until someone admiring the stunning views, some are struggling with panic attacks. Although after some time the panic passes and guests can get a taste for and receive pleasure from happening. Beautiful sunny day, great food, impeccable service, wonderful, as in the pictures, the view. One  of  the  most  extreme  impressions  from  the  visit  to  the  restaurant  in  the  sky - the  lack  of  it  the  lavatory.

A serious  oversight  in  the  design!  Guests  after  all  alcohol  consumed  in  a  passionate  desire  to  free  them  from  the  fear remains only, clenching his feet, to endure and hope for the best. "Dinner in the Sky" – restaurant is not just for the hungry, but to starving for new extreme sensations. There is no fixed menu. Our customers ordered sushi, crabs, taps, and other dishes. As it depends on the adjustment of the company and the budget of the customer. This is a unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests!